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Sally Wood


Sally Wood is a successful business owner and entrepreneur. She’s an experienced marketing strategist, copywriter, corporate comms expert and former PR darling. She’s also an art gallery frequenting, theatre-mad, novelist—and a board member of the Historical Novel Society Australasia. 

This site is dedicated to her research and writing journey. Sally’s ‘Work in Progress’ is set in Venice. The year is 1575. The Republic is home to some of the most gifted artisans of the time: Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese. The literary salons burst with poets and playwrights and progress. Only select women partake of this world of ideas and free thinking, exchanging sonnets and barbs and capitoli in terza rima with the men. They are the cortigiana onesta—the honest courtesans. But, as Plague descends, the cry of witchcraft whispers on the breeze… 

To learn more about Sally’s corporate experience, visit her company’s website: Wordly

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